Care and Feeding of a Mermaid  

by and with Tanja Šljivar, Nik Timková, Zuzana Žabková

Šopa Gallery, Košice, Slovakia

2019  26/04 — 27/05

Care and feeding of a Mermaid

Maybe we started something like collective dreaming. Maybe we started visiting each other in dreams.

. ‘ o  . °  . ° . °   *  ~ . ° º  ★ °   .  ☆  .   .          ♡  .  ˚ .   ° .

If we can’t see each other because of work or because we’re always in the other places, we want to meet in dreams. We knew that we can’t see each other in the upcoming three months. We will meet in the lucid dream, there where we think we are in reality but things behave a little bit different. Reality check. We are in the room, where we fell asleep, nearby is a glass of water, we want to drink from it but our palm passes through the glass.

.  ☆  .   .          ♡  .  ˚ .   ° .   ° . *             *  ~ . ° º  ★ °                  • . ‘ o  . °  . ° . ° °  ★  . ˚ . ˙ 。  .  ☆  .   .          ♡  .  ˚ .   ° .   ° .. ☆  .   .          ♡  .  ˚ .   ° .   ° . *             *  ~ . ° º  ★ ° 

Mermaids I might have had a lucid dream.

I just know that someone spoke to me and that someone was me: but you can wake up, you are dreaming.

What I found nice in Quora: to be better in lucid dreaming is that always during the day, during our wake time we should ask ourselves a question: “Am I dreaming?” That we should pay closer attention to our hands and our feet because when we are dreaming they are usually blurred. I wish that at this moment I could just look at my hands and notice that they are blurred.

★ °                  • . ‘ o  . °  . ° . ° °  ★  . ˚  . ˙ 。  .  ☆  .   .          ♡  .  ˚ .   ° .   ° . ☆  .   .          ♡  .  ˚ .   ° .   ° . *             *  ~ . ° º  ★ °                  • . ‘ o  . °  . ° . ° °  ★  . ˚  . ˙ 。  .    ☆  .   .。         ♡  .  ˚ .   ° .   ° . *    ★   ★  ★ ★   ★ ★   ★  


Today we’ve met after three months in Budapest in order to sleep and dream together in the hotel room, which was booked by Serbian National Theatre, where Tanja is the artistic director at the moment. Yesterday before midnight we had dinner on the sixth floor of Hungarian National Theatre next to the red Ludwig Museum. Two weeks ago Tanja sent into our WhatsApp conversation “Mermaids” the photo of an actress smoking a cigarette on the balcony in the theatre with the comment “one mermaid today on a rehearsal”. An actress is passing by. She has been smoking for 60 years. Nik has been smoking for 20, I for 18. We go to smoke to the balcony from where we observe a concrete spiral cake situated next to the green labyrinth. We agreed that we will meet after the walk through the labyrinth at the top of the cake, where we will set the fire.

o  . °  . ° . ° °  ★  . ˚  . ˙ 。  .  ☆  .   .

Care and Feeding Of A Mermaid

Mermaids i might have had lucid dream

I just know that someone said and that someone was me:but you can wake up you are dreaming

Whata i found nice in quora:how to be better in lucid dreaming is that always during the day, during our wake time we should ask ourselves question:am I dreaming? That we should pay

Closer attention to our hands and our feet because when dreaming  they are usually blurred

I wish that in this moment i could just look at my hands and notice that they are blurred

Just before waking up i dreamed that a colleague told me that noone likes my behaviour when i go out

Because i spend time in mud

I was in the open air room and there were three bridges above each other in front of that room and the sea under them filling up slowly like a water clock. While the water was growing the bridges were succesively under it. And I was observing this growing water wall. The open air room was not wet though. There was a person fighting with a golden scarab flying around that person. Then I woke up and heard the noise of insect flying above me.

How to count sheep in 14 steps

Maybe we started something like collective dreaming. Maybe we started visiting each other in dreams. A colleague of mine, my father and me. Maybe one dream was induced by another. My colleague my father and I. My colleague dreamed that I gave birth and my father dream that he had another baby daughter whom he took on holiday. I sleep deeply without dreams and want a child that would take me out of my office

Yesterday I ve changed the creepy teepee hoodie which I was wearing for a week and took a sweater with vampire smile in front. I was traveling with bus and tried to enter a traveling dream but I was waking up in weird positions and could not figured out what I was dreaming about. Then today morning arrived to Prague and had a call with Laura who told me that she had a funny dream watching me in some kind of vampire costume organizing performance we were going to do

Hey dears I ll be late.yesterday when katarinas brother came I offered him a juice and tea and we drank a that nice black smoked tee Clara gave me. And somehow I mentioned it that it might affect us but then till 2 we were still speaking together and then till seven I was still quite high so I fell asleep early morning and now woke up from very cool lucid dream were I ve met Emiliou while massaging very old person in white plisee furniture boxes. Running to u 



Monday morning 

I m sleeping with Tilman and we re sharing one blanket. I woke up because I need to pee. There is light on the ceiling coming from the flat opposite to us. There is a old guy sewing piano or at least in that shadowy light he looks like this. Now I’m trying to fall asleep but it’s not possible so I’m staring at the ceiling. The light goes off. Blue rectangle on the ceiling covering half of the lamp desappears. The guy went to the toilet. I’m counting all the corners in the room. They say counting is good for falling asleep. My father counts each tempo while he is swimming. He counts cars while driving. My brother counts in which rhythm the cars are passing. I became a bit obsessed with this counting so instead of falling asleep I kept counting corners also the round ones so it was not anymore clear what is the corner and where the room ends. The edges became more round and voluptuous, the actual shape of the room changed. Then I came to the kitchen and I entered the big sink and took a bath. Then Tilman came and told me about the weird painting he did and which was connected to some curse. There should be opening and he seems afraid of it so I’m trying to calm him down. When I came back to the room his face and the face of another guy were approaching the window but from outside. I m not scared, actually quite excited by this gothic image and even happy about the sudden dynamic change and the meeting of ghosts taking bath just a moment ago. But I know we should find the way out of the curse. Then we come to the city. Flying objects some kind of battle but no weapons. More telepathic skills and magic. Then we re flying above the river and entering the big wall space. The wall has a huge pattern. We want to enter the wall but there are no evident entrances. Flying along the wall. Coming closer. I see a small blue rectangle coming out of the wall. I park in the way that I have to turn my back and step from the flying tool which has the shape of u form line and it’s quite a thing to keep balance on it but it’s a matter of practice of levitation and balance coordination. The hands holds the u form on the top sides and the longs are slightly floating above the downer part. So yes I had to turn in order to step into that blue rectangular shape in order to enter the place we were going to. There was this moment of stepping out of the u form and stepping into the blue. In between like in the train stepping from the vehicle to the ground or other type of surface there is a gap in between. Here the gap was steep and deep and super. Yes I was thinking about falling but I had fun with balance. I stepped into the blue. We entered. I woke up. I’m telling to Tilman what happened and he says that it’s interesting because he just wrote a concept for the new city of Frankfurt where they re calling old curse coming from medieval times back to the same place rebuilt now in the same way as it was long time ago. Then he tells me about his dream about the father who is calling from the magnetic phones hanged on the wall to daughters. And when they pick up he passes the magnetic phone to his daughters and then they chat together for a long time.

My dreams are supposed to become prohepices during the summer

sending flowers

i had this dream again when i am the road and all the cars are passing on me – its my migrain dream

My sister had a dream that I was eaten by shark in pool!  Aslo Dylan from Beverly Hills 90210 died 🙁   Connection?

I was dreaming that I have a dream, but I was not sleeping yet

I am constantly dreaming about power struggled in the national theater

I either wake up too early or too late

In front of my building last night a dream like occurence:it was raining heavily and all around copies of this printed photo and text were scattered. The text part says:Jelen Bozinovic, take a look at what your husband is up to while at “work”


Reality check

I keep waking up in the middle of the night feeling that some theater directors or actors are by my side

Is it lynchian situation or am i loosing my mind

gallery in the night scares me always!


I see that during my sleepless night there were more of u with cute dreams, Else head her hear which was going thru her nose and mouth as the video with the girl and a string I ve sent u when u went to get camera in ur stomach and Carmen dreamt about that she said to sun to come out and then it appeared while it was snowing her in early morning. Cata had a dream about the ship she had to leave a book in the bottom and then she was saving a black child she was going to adopt and Rene dreamt about a screaming lady who was going to be abuse by a man on the roof and Rene wanted to help her but then police came and somehow throw the guy from the window so he saw how the guy was splashed on the floor.

I dreamed that i hooked up with a protest leader

Couple of nights ago i had a usual dream of mine that keeps repeating for years – someone i am in love with leaves, kisses or caresses another girl. I woke up in the middle of the night and tried to write down a dream with as many details as i could remember. I was writing in an orange notebook, i once got from else for my birthday, where i now try to write some poetry that i don’t show to anyone. My psychiatrist thought it would have been good idea to try practicing connecting with myself and surpressed emotions. As i was writing down the dream trying to describe my usual victim role position and feeling i remembered that a dream had an intro. In it i jerked of my loved one’s best friend’s penis, which resembled his very much and was wondering as i was doing it why i am trying to hurt him in that way. Maybe it was time to admit that i take on active role in my relations. Another detail i remembered – as i was peeing – my object of desire his girl and some other young peoole were inside an orange cage. I was outside of it, free.

Today czech dance platform finished in dialogue discussion between institutions and people involved. I fell relieved after all these talks. On the way back home I played in loop my favorite song “waiting around to die” and went to sleep and dreamt a lot. We were stealing objects in cake shapes from precious materials in glasshouse full of palms 🙂 then I had a magic bond with the cleaning lady who saw me hiding in the toilet because I didn’t escape early enough and later I entered beautiful exhibition with projectors in shape of theater building in the underground nearby toilets I was hiding before. Then i found u all hanging around red velvet sofa. I had a small box in my hand with a slimy thing inside and we were speaking about golden object which was somewhere around which fit inside

One mermaid today at the rehearsal

Smoking and eating with her feet in the air i love this crazy bitch

 kisses to her

Premonitions are impossible and they come true all the time.

Dear mermaids

Flags waving from budapest

I talk about gods;I’m an atheist. But I am an artist too, and therefore a liar. Distrust everything I say. I am telling the truth.

It is national theater

And this is the hotel

We should arrive at 22:20 but we have 20 min delay but maybe the train will catch it up

Tanja Sljivar Sixth floor

Baths were the best 

So beautiful. How is it going my mermaids?

Mum was asking where is Tanja when we arrived home

So everybody looking forward to your arrival

And today I woke up because I heard a Skype sounds in the garden

Then I came to open the balcony and realized that it’s neighbor’s

Yesterday I open the silver book and found a chapter about philosophy and carpenters

Today i brought the book but can’t find the chapter. Now I’m not sure if it was just a Dream

How are u dear mermaid? ❣️?

to eva.yes ok soon ww would have to plan my trip.

So i arrive to budapedt on 24th at 11

And Peta booked your transport from airport to Košice yesterday

What about this van that drives from the airport to Kosice? And zuzi i will be sleeping at your home or in a hostel or?

Ok cool. Can i get a booking confirmation or sth?

So that i know whom do i search for

And i guess on the way back the same guy will take me? It is an afternoon flight so i guess it is less stress

Yeee the known hostel žabkovci 🙂 and I asked Peta to send it to you yesterday so she might do so today, will remind her and it means that you will arrive to Košice around afternoon

Exact we were yesterday calculating if it fits with your flight back

Petra then did the final calculation and booked it  so should be Ouk. The guy in in the van had friends who were dancers on the boat this was my only conversation with him on gas station

Hahha around afternoon.i love this formulation like ranging from 1pm to 11pm


I already love him.ok cool.then waiting for this e mail.but i guess everything is cool and clear.

Hahaa i think we should dream togetherfor me,both options are fine,but if she cancelled it then it is all decided by fate,no?

Any dreams?

Some somnabulant youth culture from belgrade

Then I had a dream about sleeping a lot and waking up around ten

Niki woke up with migraine

And she got new pills from mum so yesterday she was a junkie carpenter

Nooo niki you also have migraines?

Do they influence your dreams?

Or sleep?

I had the craziest experience

My swiss directress friend is visiting me now

sleeping through it its like having a hangover

like alpha state

Yesterday we went to the rehearsal of my play about pregnant girls by my intendant witch and with 14 actresses that are premenopause and havent been on stage in 5 years but still receive national theater salary

Hahah i know it very well

Then birthday party at home, and then club haha party boat which i wanted to take zuzi to and then some insane electronical music

So we also went to bed after 4 and i was telling her about our project and how we firstly learned that you need to look at your hands and if they are blurred or dissolving then you are dreaming

And this morning while having a brunch she told me how last night she had her first lucid dream

She simply knew that she was dreaming ahah insane

Is it raining in kosice mermaids