マリッサ·クーパーの憂鬱 The Melancholy of Marissa Cooper

Since 2017 by and with Pawel Dudus, René Alejandro Huari, Fergus Johnson, Laura Eva Meuris, Nik Timková, Zuzana Žabková

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The Melancholy of Marissa Cooper is a collective dj-dance body that is sym-poetically desperately teenage, crying, laughing and screaming out loud. She falls together apart and she is never enough. Marissa let you fall into her, in kinship with other strippers and flirting fairies. Her party is a naive ritual. She smells your pink. She gives you a power. Her skin is a fiction. She is never enough.

we are flirting fairies 
slithering serpents 
we let you fall into us 
we smell your pink 
we stay down together 
we are giving you a power
we let you fall into us 
we don’t hurry 
we just listen 
we let you fall into us
we are never enough
we fuck each others ideas
we are giving you a power 
we are not set 
we are spiralling shadows 
we smell your pink 
we are intertwining your fingers. 
we are emo to extremo
we are never enough

Her skin has a color of magenta which is an extra-spectral color, meaning that it is not found in the visible spectrum of light. Rather, it is physiologically and psychologically perceived as the mixture of red and violet/blue light, with the absence of green.

 The inner environment of her body contains a rainbow. The base of the rainbow begins in the red root area placed in her genitals stimulating her basic truth capacities. Smoothly continuing into the upper part of her body there is an orange area situated under her belly button stimulating her sexuality and creative capacities. The yellow area found in solar plexus empowers her wisdom. Slowly moving upwards one can locate a green area placed in the level of her heart enabling exploration of her love and healing capabilities. The blue area located in her throat underlines her communication skills. Her third eye is the area of indigo color triggering her awareness. The end of the rainbow is situated in her crown. It is a purple area broadening her spirituality. 

 If you imagine the end and the beginning of the rainbow which is red and blue area, the magenta color connects this end and this begging from the outer side of the rainbow.  It connects it in an imaginary manner. It’s a fictional color. Her skin is a fiction.

ACUD, Berlin: Her Dark Materials: Room Without Any Water In It – Closing Night

CREEPY TEEPEE 2K19, Kutná Hora, Czech Republic

FUGA, Bratislava: Xεno–w/ Kablam-Trauma-マリッサ·クーパーの憂鬱

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Academy of Fine Arts, Prague: HELL AVU

UNDERDOGS’, Prague: KSK *40th anniversary* w/ Jackie n GIL (CH/DE)