Bodies in trouble 

Performance : 40 min 

01/10/2018 &17/12/2019

Fuga – space for missing culture , Bratislava, SR,

We have met to dance….

ZZ:  I’m eating chips and having a period.

I fell on the floor.

EVAA:  We failed because of many errors. 

ZZ: My acephale body hugs you.

EVAA:  Emotional error during bloody moments.

ZZ: We put the head in the corner. Dirty dancing, Phenomena.

EVAA: I like to eat earth.

ZZ: I’can’t watch any horror movies.

EVAA: Coming back to earth through Labyrinth.

ZZ: My pitched voice is too scary.

EVAA: Moon, sun and our bodies in triangle.

ZZ: Their set and rise is exactly the opposite. Full moon cycle. collective trouble.

EVAA: Collective trouble.

We are the most beautiful after the period. Headless, poor and obscure.

After juxtaposing small dances with John Zorn in 2014, we have met to dance this time with girls – outsiders, weirdos, girls who wear aluminium hats, girls uttering long tones and winning beauty contests whispering, we failed because of an intellectual error. We are touching the folds of a slightly torn hoodie. Moon cup on the floor has been torn by the cat. Her tail. Her nipple. Her head. Poor and obscure. Water moon dance. Hug dance. Žufky. Soft dance. Bears in trouble.  Bloody moments.This is becoming very personal. The sperm tastes the best after eating a pineapple, whereas the crisps taste the best while having a period. We failed because of an intellectual error.

concept, choreography, performance: Eva Priečková, Zuzana Žabková

artistic support: Nik Timková 

light design : Jozef Čabo

music curator: Jakub Juhás 

Speacial thanks to Komařice

production: Ivo Dobrovodsky, Batyskaf


password: tanecky